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October Is Breast Cancer Awareness Month picture

As we welcome the month of October in, we are also reminded that October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month as well. Thanks to technological improvements with treatments and screening, if you are a breast cancer survivor (woohoo!), you have a very good chance at qualifying for coverage. You might even have a great chance of qualifying for coverage immediately after your treatment as opposed to the wait of a few years or so.

Changes Have Been Made

So what exactly has changed within the life insurance industry? The improvement of technology in the screening process and earlier detection of breast cancer has better ways of predicting where the cancer was found and how their treatment will go – if it is more likely to be successful or not. These advances in the medical field have given life insurance companies a way to measure risk in a broad way for different types of scenarios. This has ultimately given them a way to show more rating categories, shorter waiting periods and lower premiums in numerous cases.

What Do The Guidelines For Breast Cancer Look Like?

The guidelines for when a life insurance company encounters a breast cancer survivor is:
(1) What type of breast cancer was it?
(2) What was the stage and the grade of the cancer?
(3) When was the cancer diagnosed and when did the treatment end?
(4) How was the cancer treated?
(5) Was there any metastasis or any lymph node involvement?
(6) What was the size of the tumor?

The lower the stage, grade and the longer the amount of time since the treatment has ended will definitely give you a better chance at qualifying for coverage at lower rates! Preferred rates are harder to come by, but with appropriate treatment and successful completion of treatment, you could definitely be looking at standard rates.


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