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“First learned about 1st Option Insurance through an article by Clark Howard online. Since I respect his opinion, I started this process requesting a series of quotes. The whole process has been easy, the agent was very easy to talk to and did not rush me or try to oversell the product. And, bottom line, we’re saving a lot of money while greatly increasing our coverage.” – Joseph Brown

“Great people, very friendly. It is so good that I thought they were too good to be true! Excellent job, we need service like this every place.”– Cindy Sharon

“Very courteous, very professional. I would recommend anyone to use 1st Option. You can tell by the professionalism that the agents take their job very seriously.”– Josh Connon

“Wow…you deliver! Great savings and customer service, follow-through and results! I will spread the word to reward you for a flawless process that will prove to be mutually rewarding for years to come!”– Justin Marks

“This was by far the easiest, most user-friendly experience I’ve had related to insurance in a very long time. Great service!”– David Khols

“1st Option Insurance was easier than I ever imagined! I had received a life insurance quote from my auto/home insurance company and it was TRIPLE the amount that I received through 1st Option. The employees were very friendly and kept me informed throughout the process.”– Nancy Ingram